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Keeping your dogs toenails in check

There are plenty of How-To guides that exist on clipping your dog’s nails, but it’s an entirely different story when you have your frightened, nervous or aggressive dog’s paw jumping around in your hand. Miscalculating the length of your dog’s quick (the part of the nail with blood vessels and nerves) can lead to cutting the nail too short. This would be terribly traumatic and would lead to your canine friend bleeding and limping when they walk or run. This can be an extremely painful mistake, and one that might lead to major trust issues between you and your pet.

Rather than putting nail clipping in the “too hard” basket, why not ask the dog experts at Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming to take care of your best friend for you?

With staff fully equipped to come to you, Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming pride themselves on their understanding of what your dog needs, and are experts in all kinds of pet temperaments. Don’t wait until your dog scratches you or your flooring with their over-grown nails, call Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming on 1300 697 857 and speak to a trained operator today.

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