dog and plants
Dog Cleaning

Poisonous plants for pets

Garden dangers to avoid for your pet The average pet owner spends approximately $25,000 over the course of their pet’s life, and that’s excluding emergency …

Dog Cleaning

My dog has a double coat. Should they be clipped?

Should my dog be clipped short this summer? The short answer is: no Human hair and dog hair work very differently, if you are considering …

dog bathing
Dog Cleaning

Hydrobath for aggressive dogs

My dog is aggressive, can I still get them hydrobathed? Have you got a dog that hates going to the groomer? Do they react poorly …

Dog Cleaning

Treat your dog to a nice warm bath

Does your dog leap for joy when it’s bath time, or do they run away with their tail between their legs? Baths can be an …

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Pet Sitting

Need a Pet Sitting Service?

When you are a pet parent, it’s so hard to organise a holiday because you either need to take your pet with you or find …

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Dog Cleaning

Cleaning your dogs teeth

Nobody likes going to see the dentist. There’s a psychological challenge to overcome some primal fear when it comes to having someone prod in and …

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