Treat your dog to a nice warm bath

Does your dog leap for joy when it’s bath time, or do they run away with their tail between their legs? Baths can be an unpleasant experience for our canine companions, especially if the water isn’t warm and inviting. Some pups love a bath and enjoy being pampered, while others associate bath time with bad memories or simply hate water. What if it was possible to provide an appealing encounter for all dog types, creating a safe space for them to be washed and indulged?

It helps to have someone experienced in keeping dogs entertained while washing them quickly and efficiently. Someone who understands all sorts of canine temperaments and has a keen eye for behavioural signs and changes. A passionate person who won’t cut corners when it comes to clipping nails or ear cleaning and shows up to scheduled appointments on time.

Such an expert is hard to find, especially one that doesn’t charge an inordinate amount.

Well, you can stop your searching because Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming can be your very own Mary Puppins!

They won’t fly to you on an umbrella, but they do arrive with a fully equipped dog washing van set to blow away your expectations. Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming are 5-star rated professionals who take pride in the comfort of your pooch, while providing a warm bath and all of the trimmings.

On top of that, Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming have short notice availability and can be scheduled so that you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your pet anymore. They can set up in your driveway or on the road so that your smelly dog exits the house then comes home spruced and deodorised.

Give Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming a call on 1300 697 857 at anytime of the day or night and ask about their regular customer discount!

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