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Why it’s important to get your dogs ears cleaned

Have you ever noticed your dog scratching at their ears? Or perhaps they are shaking their heads more than usual? There is a high chance that they are showing the early signs of an ear infection. Ear infections in dogs are very common, 20% of dogs have some form of ear disease, so there are ways in which to prevent them from happening.

Dogs have a higher chance of ear infections due to the shape of their ear canal, and floppy-eared dogs suffer the most frequently. Generally breeds such as golden retrievers and cocker spaniels have the perfect breeding ground for bacterial or viral infections due to the warm, moist and dirty conditions on the inside of their long ears. The best way to avoid painful or itchy ear infections is to have a regular ear cleaning schedule for your pooch.

Although owners can clean their dog’s ears themselves, there is a risk that more damage can be done to the ear canal for those who are inexperienced in canine ear health. By using the wrong cleaning solution or the wrong method, the gunk/dirt/germs can be pushed further down and result in a deeper infection. Meanwhile your dog can begin to associate ear cleaning with pain and fear the cleaning process, so it’s a wise idea to outsource a difficult process like that so it’s done right from the beginning.

The easiest way to maintain frequent pet ear health is to book in with Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming, who will ensure only the best products are used to wash your dog’s body and ears. Book in with Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming today, and you can rely on a professional, scheduled maintenance to avoid any hygiene-related health issues. The cost of a vet consultation and medication will leave you wishing you had taken preventative action, so call Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming on 1300 697 857.

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