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Cleaning your dogs teeth

Nobody likes going to see the dentist. There’s a psychological challenge to overcome some primal fear when it comes to having someone prod in and around molars and incisors with a pair of pliers. The idea of needles and the smell of antiseptic and painkillers is a cocktail for dread and panic, but it is an unfortunate necessity for dental hygiene and dental health.

The same could be said for your canine, whose teeth tend to be neglected in comparison to a human member of the family.

Chew toys and chew treats can help momentarily, but they are not suitable for long-term teeth health. Smelly dog breath is not normal, and is actually a sign of poor dental hygiene in your dog, so if you are concerned then maybe it’s time to book in with a vet for a checkup.

It is important to maintain a regular routine for your dog’s teeth care, but if that is too demanding of your time, then give Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming a call on 1300 697 857. They can organise a regular schedule for your pooch’s clean, which can include a quick teeth clean (when requested).

A vet clean will remove most of the plaque and tartar build-up, but a Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming professional can help to maintain good oral health for your dog. Combine these with big, meaty bones for your dog to chew throughout the week and you can rest assured that your pooch’s breath will smell fresher for longer.

If you are weighing up the cost of paying for a professional dog washer like Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming, consider the alternative cost of dental surgery potentially down the line, as well as the preventable anguish for your family pet. You will also avoid the annoying task of keeping your dog still while you try to get a toothbrush in their mouth!
You won’t regret it, call Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming today.

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