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How to brush your dogs hair

On average, a person loses between 100-200 hairs per day, which is one of a few reasons why brushing your hair is so important. It’s the same case for your canine pal, especially if they are a breed that has a double coat (ie., golden retrievers). Just like with humans, if a dog’s coat is not brushed regularly, their hair (fur) can lose shine, strength and eventually form matted dreadlocks. This is something that you want to avoid, as dreadlocks can form in sensitive areas, like under their arms, and pull on your dog’s skin.

You’ll also notice that depending on the breed of dog, their coat will shed during particular times of the year. Whether they shed due to seasonal changes or because their hair is at a particular stage of growth, it is a hard task to stay on top of their brushing. You might even find that a daily brush isn’t enough to catch the endlessly shedding hair. So why not give Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming a call, and speak to a professional about stripping your dog’s coat?

Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming understand the different types of coats that different breeds have, and can tailor your pet’s groom to suit your needs. Not only will you see less tumbleweeds around the house, but your dog’s fur will be healthy and your dog will be happy. Call Pulse Dog Washing & Grooming on 1300 697 857 to book an appointment today!

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